Dental Emergencies in Lindenwold

Lindenwold Dental Center provides emergency dentistry in Lindenwold, NJ. Call 856-783-3777 for urgent dental treatment.

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Lindenwold Dental Center provides emergency dentistry in Lindenwold, NJ. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 856-783-3777.

An emergency dentist should be your first call when you need urgent dental care for a knocked out tooth, broken tooth, severe toothache, or infection. Although regular preventive care goes a long way towards preventing dental emergencies, accidents still happen, which is why emergency dentists exist. When you need immediate dental care, we arrange our schedule to see you as soon as possible.

If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, it’s important to seek treatment promptly, as this will decrease the chances of irreversible damage. Timely treatment can prevent more damage from occurring and help save your tooth from needing extraction.

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Reasons to Call an Emergency Dentist

There are many reasons you might need emergency dentistry. One of the leading causes of adult tooth damage is sports injuries, whether it’s a child playing in an intramural league or an adult playing a game of basketball with friends. Even with a mouth guard, dental trauma that requires emergency dental care is possible. Falls, biting into something unexpectedly hard, and teeth grinding are also common causes of dental emergencies.

Does your case need urgent care? Here are some situations that we categorize as dental emergencies:

  • Toothache that continues to cause pain even after brushing, rinsing, and flossing
  • Knocked out tooth (tooth avulsion)
  • Abscess or infection
  • Cheek, tongue, or gum injuries that cause excessive or uncontrolled bleeding
  • Broken or chipped teeth, particularly if the fracture is significant
  • Loose permanent tooth after facial trauma (lateral luxation)
  • Lost filling
  • Broken crown or bridge

Note that if you’ve suffered other injuries in addition to dental trauma, as with a car accident that causes facial or bodily injuries, it’s important to visit the emergency room for medical attention before seeing your dentist. 

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Here are some tips for how to handle different dental emergencies:

Knocked Out Tooth
If you can find the tooth, hold it by the crown (never touch the root) and rinse it with warm water if there is any dirt or debris on it. Place it in a cup of milk and call our office for an emergency dental appointment. Often, knocked out teeth can be saved with timely care, but if not, we will discuss the options available for replacing your tooth.

Broken Tooth
If you have a cracked or chipped tooth that has not reached the pulp or root, it can be restored with a crown, dental veneer, or bonding. Teeth that have more severe damage may require a root canal or extraction and replacement with a dental implant or bridge.

Infected Tooth
Dental infections can spread to other parts of the body, which is why it’s important to seek treatment right away. An emergency dentist will evaluate your infected tooth and determine the best course of action to resolve the infection and alleviate any pain that you’re experiencing.

Dental Pain
If you’re dealing with severe dental pain, call our office for an emergency appointment. You can use cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers while waiting for your appointment, but the only way to treat a severe toothache is to get the dental treatment you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

What is a dental emergency? 
We consider a dental emergency any situation where you’re experiencing unbearable pain, uncontrolled bleeding, or you require immediate care in order to save a tooth. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we will do everything we can to schedule you for a same-day appointment.

Can you go to the ER for a dental emergency?
We only advise going to the ER for a dental emergency if you’ve suffered other injuries as well. ERs are not equipped to provide dental care, so they will refer you to your dentist.

Can an emergency room pull a tooth?
No, emergency rooms do not perform dental extractions. If you have a painful tooth infection, an ER doctor may be able to prescribe antibiotics or a medication to relieve your pain, but they cannot pull your tooth.

When is a tooth infection an emergency?
A tooth infection is always an emergency. You should see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Is a broken bridge a dental emergency? 
If you’re not experiencing any pain, a broken bridge does not necessarily require same-day treatment, but it does require prompt attention. We will arrange to see you as soon as possible.

Call 856-783-3777 for urgent dental care.