How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Lindenwold, NJ?

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Lindenwold, NJ?

Team Teeth Whitening

Are you considering getting your teeth whitened in Lindenwold, N.J.? If your teeth look yellow or stained, don’t let it affect your smile! Teeth whitening is an effective and simple way to make your smile look its best again, at a reasonable cost.

Why Do Teeth Become Stained?

Teeth become stained for many different reasons, such as: 

  • Consumption of coffee, tea, dark berries, some citrus fruits, and red wine
  • Taking some medication, like tetracycline
  • Smoking - nicotine stains as it builds up over time 
  • Overuse of fluoride, causing mottled white spots on teeth
  • Aging 
  • Natural tooth color grows more noticeable over time

Regardless of the cause for staining, you don’t have to live with the result forever. You can make your teeth look great again with professional teeth whitening from Lindenwold Dental. You can find a variety of options for whitening, such as a quick in-office treatment or by using a professional take home whitening kit from your dental team. No matter which choice you make, your smile will shine again after treatment.  

Teeth Whitening Cost

Of course, cost is important to everyone, but when it comes to teeth whitening, the most effective procedures take place with the help of your dental team. While  you can find inexpensive teeth whitening products that are available over the counter, by far the most effective treatments are professional. 

In-Office or At-Home Professional Teeth Whitening

In-office treatments for whitening are available at our Lindenwold office, but we also offer

at-home dental whitening kits, containing peroxide. 

Here’s how it works: in-Office Bleaching requires only one office visit. A protective gel or a rubber shield is placed over your gums to protect soft tissue, and a bleaching agent containing carbamide peroxide is then applied to your teeth, a specialized light is activated to quickly complete the action of the whitening agent. 

At-Home bleaching requires an impression of your teeth made to create a customized mouth guard containing carbide peroxide. The mouthguard is worn for a certain period of time, as instructed by our dental team. It can vary from just a couple hours a day, or all night, up to four weeks or longer.

Treatment cost varies, depending on the exact type of treatment utilized, but it is often around  $300 to $600 for treatment. Exact cost can also depend on the condition of your teeth.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Worth the Cost?

Although teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure and not usually covered by dental insurance, it’s still a great value. It lasts up to three years or even longer with proper care. It’s safe, effective, and simply brightens and whitens the look of your smile. 

Caring for your new shiny smile is easy. All you need to do is:

  • Schedule regular routine dental cleaning from your dentist every six months or as recommended
  • Brush and floss twice daily 
  • Avoid dark colored food and beverages after whitening for a week
  • Sip dark colored beverages with a straw whenever you can
  • Receive follow up or maintenance whitening as recommended 

Ready to Learn More About the Cost of Teeth Whitening?

If you’re ready to get a shiny new smile or if you’d like more information about teeth whitening at home or in our office, just give us a call. We will be happy to discuss cost and whitening options whenever you’re ready!